Welcome to the Gifts & Collectibles Webring!

The Gifts & Collectibles Webring was founded on July 31st, 1998, to bring together a collection of online businesses offering many types of Unique Gifts and Collectibles for our internet customers. Our Membership is quickly approaching 500, and we would be happy to add your website to our the Gifts & Collectibles Webring!

The Rules of the Gifts & Collectibles Webring are simple:

Your Site Must offer Gifts, Collectibles, Antiques, Crafts, Needful Things, or some type of Gift Items for Sale to our internet customers for online shopping.

Your Site Must be in English and MUST be completely operational with full contents, and not just a Webring page and/or a homepage with links and Webrings.

Your Site MUST be 100% Family-safe & a Friendly environment - Absolutely NO Adult &/or Pornographic materials of ANY kind whatsoever and your site may not be linked to any sites containing any such material. If your site and products cannot be viewed by family members, your site will not be approved for this Ring.

The Navigation Bar Must be up and operational on your Site within Seven (7) Days of your application to the Webring, or your application will be automatically deleted and you will need to re-apply at a later time, when you are ready. Please Note that the Navigation Bar MUST BE PLACED on the SAME URL as you entered in your Application - in other words, you can not list your Homepage on your Application, but then put the Code on your Webring Page. In all fairness to our Members, the Navigation Bar Code Must Be Located on the Same Page as the Entry to the Webring.

The Graphics, Logos and Backgrounds of the Gifts & Collectibles Webring may not be copied, downloaded or used in any way! Please note that it will NOT be necessary for you to copy Any Graphics to join this Webring. If you have placed the code on your page correctly, the WebRing Navigation Bar will display the Gifts & Collectibles Webring logo as soon as your Site has been approved for Membership.

If your website qualifies for Membership, and you have read and agree to All of the Rules stated above, and would like to Join our Charming Collection of Gift & Collectible Shops, please Click Here to JOIN or click the 'Back' button on your browser to return to the Webring Hub Page.

Thank you and Enjoy your Membership!


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